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Jan 30, 2009
Burnet, Tx
While waiting for my computer to be programed I wanted to continue on with the wires and want to make sure I got this right.

1996 5.7 vortec into a 1970 fj40,
Connect the large wire from the toyota alt harness to the chevy alt.

Connect the 2 toy starter wires to the chevy starter.

I should then be able to crank the motor with the starter right ? I can also then check the toyota coil wires for the + for my keyed power sorce.

Aslo with the new wire harness I purchased. There is only one connection to the 4l60e trans. the stock harness has 2 more that connect to black boxes on the drivers side of the tranny. What were they for and am I hosed by not having them connected.

Thanks alot for all the help.
And the FIS harness was worth the cash just for how nice it looks compared to the hack job I would have done to the stock harnness.

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