Another tire size question

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Feb 4, 2008
Grand Junction Colorado
I know this issue has been addressed numerous times but due to the uniqueness of everyones rig I am having problems coming to a conclusion. I was hoping some one could tell me what the biggest tire size I can fit on my 73 fj40. It has the stock rims (15X5.5 I believe) and no lift. Everything is stock including drum brakes and manual steering. Should I go with a more factory looking tire or something more aftermarket like BFG's or Cepeks. I live in Western Colorado so we have pretty much every type of terrain. I don't do any hard core wheeling I just want something that will do good in the back country mountains and deserts.
Thank you for any suggestions.
I work at a tire store and my manager told me I couldn't put anything bigger than a 215/75-15 on my 5.5 inch wheels... thats what I went with. I found out later you can put a larger than that tire on but it's not really designed for a wider tire. I got BFG KM2's and they look pretty good, smaller than what I really wanted, but I love how the factory wheels look. Now, after having bought the tires I kinda wish I had went with a 235/75-15. Now I have no lift of any sort. So I think that going with a 235/75-15 would get you where you wanna go and it would look good doing it too. Just my .02

Sorry, all I had was a pic of my dumb ass sitting on the hood...

I have 2" over stock shackles and it looks like an add a leaf in the rear just to offset the 36 year old sag (done by po not me). the first pic is with 235/75 r15 and the wsecond pic is with 33x10.5x15. Both look great but the 33s are a nice ride and make it so I dont even think about regearing anymore!

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