Another T'case rebuild Q:

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Mar 15, 2006
Las Cruces, NM
As I mentioned in a thread before, I'm getting ready to rebuild the T'case on a 60. I'm just wondering if the rebuild will take care of some other problems my truck has. These symptoms may or may not be also because of the busted up bearings in the T'case... could be something else.
In an attempt to rule out the clutch being bad, I did "the -clutch -slipping -test" putting it in 4th at a low speed then stomping on the gas... If clutch is bad then RPMs go up instead of bogging down... Doesn't seem to be the problem, as per "the test".

This is what it's doing:

-Shuttering on take off, then I have to let off of the clutch a bit slower to keep it from shuttering.

-A clang comes from under the truck. Sounds like there's a troll under there striking the drive shaft(s) with a hammer on take off.

Do these symptoms sound like clutch problems? or just T'case/u-joint problems (U-joints getting replaced too when t'case is rebuilt)

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