Another Sunroof Thread - Index/Align the redesigned 2003-2007 100 series motor

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Dec 22, 2017
Nairobi, Kenya
Hello All,
I've been lurking on the site for the past three years and have really enjoyed and benefited from the information here. Thanks to all who have provided a high quality site.

In searching how to repair/replace/fix/etc the sunroof on my 04 TLC, I could not find any applicable information for actually fixing it. The FSM contains information on how to index/align a 1998-2002 sunroof, but due to changes (maybe) in 2003, the information is not longer applicable for 2003-2007 models.

Along with the redesign in 2003, Toyota decided to only sell the sunroof as a complete kit ($$$$) rather than sell the individual parts. I live in Africa where spare parts are hard to come by, and more expensive than the rest of the world and I was not going to import an entire sunroof module when all I needed were the guide tubes and slides.

I ordered the following parts:
63221-60030 - Cable Guide Case
63224-60030 - Drive Cable Assembly, LH
63223-60030 - Drive Cable Assembly, RH

From what I could tell, the parts that I removed from the sunroof assemble where exactly the same as the parts I removed from the vehicle, so owners with broken cables or rusted guides do not need to buy a whole new assembly, the parts listed above will work fine in later models.

I think the change in the 2003 was mostly in the drive motor and electronics for one touch operation, etc. There is no information in the FSM for 03 and later for indexing the motor/ecu (presumably since the individual parts are no longer for sale, although the motor/ecu is still available separately). Anyways, the PO had disassembled and the sunroof previously (it was not working when purchased) so the motor was no longer properly indexed.

DI-975 and DI-976 in the FSM have the following diagrams which show the timing of the switches, which provides enough information to align the ecu.


The position of the switches are show when the sunroof is in the closed position.


Shows the timing of the switches.

Perform the following to index motor:
  1. Remove the motor assembly from the sunroof.
  2. Removed the four philips screws and the small plastic cover
  3. Unplug the three pin connector
  4. Removed the cover, carefully guiding the cable through the hole. Notice and disregard the small arrows on the large gear. These marks are not meaningful.
5. Turn cover over and notice the three arrows.

Initially, I tried to align all the arrows together, but that indexes the motor/ecu in the full tilt up position. There are no alignment marks on the rails for this position, so this does not help. I will post more pictures with detailing the switch later, but that is not necessary just to align the motor/ecu.

6. Align the middle arrow two teeth to the left of the outer arrow. The inner arrow does matter.

I initially tried to align the inner arrow with the middle arrow (and the marks on the big gear from step four, but the motor has too much momentum and as soon as the motor runs, these marks will no longer line up. This is inconsequential though for find the fully closed position.

7. Place the cover back on the motor assembly, allowing the inner piece to rotate as required to align with the large gear from step four.
8. Replace the four philips screws and the cover, but do not reinstall in sunroof assembly yet.
9. The rails must be index to the fully closed position. The FSM shows the index mark for the 1998-2002 models, but the same index marks were in on the rails that came with my 2004. The glass must be removed to see these marks and to move the rails. These marks are on the top of the rails.

10. I achieved better closure and sealing when I moved the alignment of the rails to the forward mark, but YMMV. Use a flat tip screwdriver to slide the rail into the proper position.

11. Reinstall the glass and the motor, and center the glass in the assembly to get the best seal possible.

Hopefully that will help someone else with their sunroof repair on the post 2002 100 series.
The following images shows the switch position in the sunroof motor/ecu

From the diagram on DI-975, the switch is closed when it makes continuity with ground.
From the diagram on DI-976, the switch is "high" when it is closed.

The switch circuit board is built into the cover of the motor/ecu. I've labeled the pertinent sections.


The contact is completed with a single, common copper plate which has three contact points.

There is an index mark where the SW1 and SW2 contact points are. There are also five "holes," four being the same depth and the fifth, by the index mark is a little shallower.

The middle gear piece has five "nubs" that align with the five "holes," with one nub being a little bit shorter to fit in the shallow "hole." So in theory, it should only go together one way.

Looking at the timing chart from DI-976, it becomes obvious where the switch must be indexed for the fully closed position. I don't understand why Toyota put the outermost index mark (arrow) well into the titling section of the timing chart. Maybe someone else has already figured this out, but this is what worked for me.


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