'Another' Scangauge Installation (with supercharger!)

Sep 23, 2009
Hurst, Texas
The project to get the '96 ready for towing duty (small, 'CASITA' fiberglass camper trailer) is going pretty good... the front axle has been serviced 100%, the transmission and transfer case serviced, all seven flexible brake lines replaced (new pads are in the garage ready to be installed), and the S/C has been installed (hey, it's a whole new truck).

Being paranoid about operating temperatures (towing & supercharger), I bought the Scangauge II and installed it on the center console by using a sturdy little camera tripod head that I 'modified' for its new assignment as Scangauge holder. I am very happy with the results... to me, it's a good compromise of convenience and visibility. Now, if I can just decide exactly what "gauges" I want to look at (besides the coolant temperature, of course!)...


Sep 13, 2007
Seacoast NH
Great use of the camera mount; good thinking. It looks like there would be enough room for the transfer case shifter to get to the low position.

As I sometimes use my Scangauge on other vehicles (to diagnose CEL lights on buddy's vehicles etc.), I bought an extra cable. It was always a bummer to remove the cable and then have to reroute it later. I think the extra cable is $20 or so.

Your location will also cut down/eliminate the reflection in the windshield that I get from mounting it on top of the steering column (I've thought about attaching a shade -- like the bill of a baseball cap -- to the top of the Scangauge to cut down on this reflection).

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