Another mini-PM: Check your Brake light switch Cushion 90541-06036

Dec 10, 2007
Found a small plastic part broken in half on the driver's side footwell (FZJ80) under the brake pedal, took a few seconds but figured out it was the CUSHION (90541-06036) for the Brake light switch . It's located high up on the brake pedal arm (photos to follow).

There was a hole worn deep into the center of the cushion from the spring loaded post of the brake light switch which eventually caused the cushion to split in half and fall out. Might sound like a trivia part but if the cushion falls out (or wears out) your brake lights might come on while driving or parked depending on the adjustment of the brake pedal/switch position, weakness of the return spring, etc.

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Aug 23, 2021
A while back I had a parasitic drain on my battery that I couldn't pinpoint. I bought a new battery and inspected all aftermarket accessories and found nothing. One night I went to hop in my truck and noticed the brake lights were on. I investigated a little further and found the switch cushion on the brake pedal was significantly worn down in the center. Ordered the replacement and that solved my problem. Makes me wonder how long I was driving around with my brake lights always on. I guess the upside to all of it is that I ended up with an excuse to install a second battery.

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