another knuckle bearing question

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Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
Ok, will the knuckle bearings in the rebuild kits fit the 81 mini donor or do I have to buy them seperately from the gasket kit?
I just did the swap and got a kit from JTO that had all gaskets, seals, and knuckle bearings and races to fit my 84 mini donor. Call and tell them what your doing and they will get you the right kit. Around $100 and worth it. :) They were very helpful. To be fair, I ordered a hub socket at the same time and somehow they sent one for a Ford. Its taken a little longer than I would have liked to straighten out but I didnt have to send back the other one.

Other tips, make sure you fully seat the races (experience) and torque the steering arm nuts to 79 ft lbs or Woody will yell at you. ;)

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