Another FJ40 build thread undertaken by the optimistic, not the experienced, owner - 2/75 FJ40 Restoration

Feb 22, 2022
Austin, TX
I was inspired by @wngrog 's 75 Moe Green build thread and decided to document my own 75 build to really highlight the differences between a diligent professional

The story of how this 40 came to be in my life went something like this:

-Wife: I want an original Bronco
-Me: Funny. I was kicking around the idea of a Land Rover Defender for the funsies.
-Compromise: This 2/75 FJ40 my dad found on Craigslist in FL. (editor's note: I live in TX)

Little bit of background on this 40: We picked it up from the original owner who purchased it in San Diego. It lived on a farm in Florida for its entire 41812 original mile life.

This life was hard in the slow decay kind of way. And probably involved lots of dead animals (hunting lease).

We purchased it in January 2021 and immediately began underestimating the time, effort, and expense to get this FJ40 "restored" on the road (spoiler: Snape kills Dumbledore, and this 40 is still not on the road.) The truck was last registered in 2014, and sat since around that time.

Day 1 pickup for us, year 46 goodbye for Mr. Paterson, and current status.





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