Another Dome Light Question

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Sep 12, 2004
I will try and make this quick, I havn't been able to find the info I need in a search.

I have a 95 FZJ80. The problem I am having is domelight1 and domelight2 are not comming on when one or all of the doors are open, but both of the lights work when the switch is on the ON position. The door lights DO work with one or all of the doors open. I took the switch down and ran some tests. I grounded the switch as if it was mounted, then I took a wire from the door strike switch and connected it to the short side connector on the back of the switch. I proceeded to test the switch by pushing the door switch while the light switch was positioned to door. Everything worked fine.

The question I have is does anyone have any ideas of what may be causing the problem? Everything else works and there has been no work on the vehicle.

I did have a question about the FSM test. The test states that if the switch is on the door position and you touch the two prongs on the back of the switch you should see continuity. I ran the test and did not see any continuity. By doing this test it shows that the switch could be bad, but by my previous testing everything works fine. Plus, I have a hard time believing that both dome lights would go out at the same time.

Where do the dome light wires go to the roof. I read that it was the drivers side A pilar, is that correct? I have had some water from a windshield leak down there so I wonder if that may have caused the issue.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance.

Dunno about all that, but you might try fiddling with the door switches behind the rubber boots. They get gummed up sometimes......OTOH its unlikely that they are all gummed up together.......
Good luck,
I checked all of the switches at the doors and each of them look clean, and all are functioning correctly by turning on the door courtesy lights as they are supposed to.

Thanks, if you think of anything else please post.

I have more less the same issue .. in my HDJ-80 95 .. in my case with the 2 front doors and rear door all function fine .. but with the 2 rear dors .. not ..
me three

and the bulbs only last about a week before they seam to rattle lose and the lights no work or come on.
Yes it lasts a week or so, but the point is, is that the light bulbs seem to be rattling loose or something. All I have to do is pop off the lense cover and adjust the light and it works. Seems like you either do this or replace the light. Is an LED the fix?
Insight is great.
me five.

I replace the bulbs and they last for about 1 week. I got tired of it and don't replace them anymore.
Dirk Diggler said:
me five.

I replace the bulbs and they last for about 1 week. I got tired of it and don't replace them anymore.

The point is, is that the bulbs don't burn out. Its a connection problem. All you have to do is wiggle or push the bulb upward. Ofcourse, this isn't right solution. My question is that is a new fixture appropiate? What is the solution?
I thought its not only a bulb issue .. also I thought would be in the door pin switch. Maybe a signal problem .. I'm able to prove that but this weekend I go to do some tests in this way.
So, I tested the switches and everything checks out fine. So my conclusion is that ,what I would call the ground wire, that runs from the door switches up to the dome light must be cut or disconnected somewhere after they all come together. So the One Million dollar question is: Where do all of the lines connect? Is it under the headliner?


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