Another dog breed question- Golden's

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May 22, 2004
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So last week I asked about Britaney's. But upon further research I've decided that with toddlers and infants and a busy life, while great dogs, a pet from the spaniel or pointer breeds is probably not an optimal choice.

So now I'm thinking about Golden Retrievers. From what I've read they are super tolerant of lil' ones pulling on them, not as clingly as the above breeds and can go a day or two without a walk. I'm still committed to regularly exercising the dog, but I occasionally travel for work and stuff, so there may be some off days. I recognize they are long hair dogs and will shed, but life is a series of tradeoffs.

To recap, we have a 2 yr old :princess:, planning on another, live in the burbs with a small yard. A bird dog would be nice but is on the lower end of importance.


Edit: I would choose an adult dog from a rescue org.
i had two golden retrievers growing up. im hard pressed to think of a better mannered, loyal and just plain sweet dog
According to my vet there are two bullet proof breeds, Golden Labs and Standard Poodles.
I have heard that Labadoodles are great. The strength of a lab with the non sheding coat and brains of a Poodle.
brett76 said:
i had two golden retrievers growing up. im hard pressed to think of a better mannered, loyal and just plain sweet dog

That's the impression I've always had. A friend was a breeder for a while and even though I've always had Labs, I really liked the Goldies. The only drawback is that we wanted to be able to have our dogs indoors on occasion and they've got a LOT of hair.
If you plan on an adult rescue dog you need to re-think regarding Britts.
An adult Britt, particularly an older one, will be much less active than a young dog. I have been around several Goldens and I do not care for them. Of course my view is tainted and I freely admit it.

First thing's first...Golden Retrievers are not Golden "Labs". Labs are Labrador Retrievers...another great family dog, but a different breed.

We rescued our current Golden Retriever from the BC SPCA almost two years ago when she was three. Her original family didn't seem to have much time for her as she had terrible mats on her fur and was 19 pounds overweight. She didn't even look like a purebred to me. But her sweet disposition won me over, and she's one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life.

She's very affectionate, and loves nothing better than being around people. Some of my friends have young toddlers, and Coco seems to sense that they are little people and is a lot more gentle and careful around them when playing. I would not hesitate for a moment to leave her alone with young children as she doesn't have a single mean bone in her body. She's very patient and protective of them...and has proven herself around them.

She has since had plenty of exercise, and in fact dropped all her extra weight in three months and is now at her ideal weight. I have had a German Shepherd in the past, which was also a great dog...although different. My family has also owned numerous dogs from mutts, to Dobermans and miniature Dachshunds. But I can't think of a more loyal and well mannered dog than my Golden. We may pick up a Bernese Mountain Dog someday as we've also heard great things about this breed.

We were able to rescue Coco by signing up with a local Golden Retriever Rescue Society. They get you to fill out an extensive application form that details what kind of dog you wish to adopt. Whether you are willing to put up with behavioural or health problems or not...and what age you are looking for. They also ask how far you are willing to travel to adopt a dog, and contact you as soon as one becomes available in the area that you have indicated. Wonderful non-profit service.

Picture with Santa 2004:

Waiting for a walk:

Playing in Alouette Lake with her best buddy, Sage (my friend's Chocolate Lab):

Relaxing at home on top of her favourite blanket:

Playing in her favourite stuff...SNOW (Kelowna, BC 2006):

We rescued our pup from a farm (irresponsible breeders) in Canada. They had kept him in a barn stall for 9 months. He never saw grass, never let out of the barn at all for the whole time. When we got him, he would pee himself when you tried to put a collar on him, or when you tried to get him to go through a door, as both were completely foreign to him. He was still very affectionate, although very shy.

When we got him home, we spent 1.5 hours or better cutting the matted urine soaked fur off of him, and he was so happy to be touched that he could care less. He smelled like kennel for months, even though he had many, many baths. He took two and a half month to housebreak as he only knew to go where he lay.

All of that aside, he is without a doubt the sweetest and most gentle pup I have ever seen. We have done therapy dog work with him at a retirement home, and he is still so happy to be pet that he could care less who is doing it. He is great with other dogs, kids, and jsut about anyone. He never needs a leash (although we do use one when we are in town) , and would stay in the yard all day if left alone.

He continues to be the dog I judge other dogs by. I grew up with one just as sweet.

Here is pic with the other pup a few weeks after we got him.
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just an observation. over the years of land surveying I have twice noticed completely psychotic dogs, both were goldens. 98% of the goldens are awesome and friendly. the two psychos were in different towns, so I doubt they were from the same family tree. remember the movie cujo? cujo had nothing on these two.
When I had a Golden, I thought I had a lot of hair.

THen I got a German Shedder, err, I mean German Shepherd, and I realized the Golden hair was nothing. You can clip them in the summer.

A German Shepherd is an amazing family dog. They are pussy cats to kids. If someone looks cross-eyed at your family, the ears go up and the offender has to go change their drawers...
Mygolden is about 7 now and my baby is 18 months...

Pros...Most well mannered dog ever. My baby pulls her hair out in clumps, pulls her tongue, stands on her, sits on her cuddles with her and the dog pays no mind. They both get excited to see each other.

Cons...Hair, be prepared to vaccuum

I would get another one in a second.
Grew up with a GR, never got bit, never got growled at, and between the three of us there were times when things were less than ideal for the dog. She barked at a cat once.....not our cat. Never ran off(40 acres 6 miles out of town no fence) Would retrieve the SAME rock from under two feet of water, excellent quail dog, not very protective, but she wouldn't back down either. Good with other dogs and cats, made money off the pups, just can't go wrong there.
Excellent choice,
I'm going to second rhinoliner's recommendation from your earlier thread. I'm on my second Vizsla. My mom has two and my brother has one (I got'em started). THEY ARE GREAT DOGS. For comparison, I also own a black lab and a weimaraner. My next dog (when the lab goes to doggy heaven) WILL BE a Vizsla.

And yes, he's great with our 10 mo. old daughter who basically dives into the middle of him when he's sleeping.
I don't have one, but my dog dogsits one regularly. She's friendly, barks A LOT, not too bright. Doesn't care where she poops:rolleyes: . Hairy for sure, but hey. Likes to dig holes in the yard. :mad:
DSCN4703 (Small).JPG
I got a couple of pics from the breeder this morning of my new Vizsla pup, I get him next Friday and can't wait. Look at that tailset - whoop!

My wife is a Veterinarian and she calls Golden Retreivers "tumor factories". It doesn't mean that all of them get tumors, but in her experience a lot of the do compared to other breeds. I have been around several of GR's and have always found them to have very mild and pleasant temperaments.

Once you've owned a Vizsla, no other dog will do.
Some "guide dog" organizations adopt out "retiring" doggies. they are usually in the 7yr old range from what I have heard.
My brother and parents have golden retrievers. But I absolutely love my GSD - that's German Shepherd Dog. She is about 8 years old, is great with my 2.5 year old, likes to play and hang out with her old man. When I get home off a late shift, she's up to say hello. Will ride all day for weeks long trips in the truck and even sleeps in in the morning.
As a breed the Golden Retriever is almost useless now. Just another breed that has been ruined by overzealos backyard breeders.

This is not to say that you can't still find a "good" example of a Golden Retriever or purchase from one from one of the few truely reputable breeders, for big bucks.

My experience with Golden's is that most are dumb, destructive, and bad around small children. I would consider a dog that is not so excitable to be around small children. This was not just a "training" issue either, these are large high energy dogs.

No, my Golden never growled at me or intentionally injured me.

I would carefully temperment test any potential adoption with small children present.
cruiserdan said:
If you plan on an adult rescue dog you need to re-think regarding Britts.
An adult Britt, particularly an older one, will be much less active than a young dog.

I have to agree. Depending on the age a mature bird dog (brittney, gsp, etc) is not going to be bouncing off the walls. Plus with most adoptions you have the ability to test out the dog to make sure you can handle the addition.

Good luck, any dog in the home is a joy

That is a cute Visela :)
My neighbor has one. She is about 3 years old. She plays well with my Saint Bernard, and my 2 year old daughter. She is a little rambunctious around my daughter (knocks her down pretty often, but nothing malicious).

Cons - Sheds a ton (not as bad as my Saint though), barks at everything, and is not very bright. Im sure some is behaviorial, but just letting you know.

If you dont mind shedding and ridiculous dog food bills, get a Saint Bernard. Mine is fantastic with kids, and a great truck dog.


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