Another blower thread... 1991 NAS FJ80

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Jun 18, 2015
Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico!
Ok. I've searched all over here and elsewhere.

I've replaced the relay in the kick panel. I cleaned all the pine needles out of the box where the resister lives and replaced the resister. No blower.

Started a long time ago with just the lower speeds now nothing at all for the last several months.

If I switch it to air intake from outside the vehicle I do get enough flow and heat to defrost my windshield eventually. But I get absolutely no blower at all. Doesn't matter if I'm in low medium high whatever.

I don't know how similar the systems are to the FZJ80. I have the manual AC heat control with levers. The only button is the AC button. The AC button does light up when I depress it.

If anyone has any pointers or ways I should go about this, please help me out.
Anybody got any idea on this? Like I said I've gone through the threads I've replaced the parts that typically are the culprit but cannot ferret this out. I suppose it could be the blower motor but I'm hoping not. Also the fact that I lost certain speeds before I lost others doesn't really lend itself to that. Anybody?
did you check blower resister and wiring?
I did replace the resister. The one that was in there didn't have any broken metal pieces that I could see but it was pretty corroded into the ceramic block. I figured with almost 400,000 mi on the truck and not knowing when that thing, if it was ever replaced, was replaced then it was time to go ahead and do it.

I haven't checked the wiring. I'll do that next.


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