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Jul 19, 2003
Except this is for real:
Yesterday, in downtown Salida I saw a 40, packed to the gills with bikes, kayaks, skis and all other manner of Colorado toys.
A rather unremarkable looking rig - nice condition, but then, what is that hanging below the front end?
Huh? By golly. It's an IFS!
As I was driving by I could only take a glance, but it looked all the world like a Taco setup with rack and pinion steering

If I see the rig again I will take a closer look - torsion bars? Frame-mounted differential? Transfer case?

Imagine converting a 40 to IFS!
Jul 20, 2003
Sacrilege! maybe a taco or FJCruiser with a 40 body?
Still would have to shorten the frame to match a 40 weheel base. Lotta work just in that.

Who knows what motivations people have when "personalizing" a vehicle. I still "swear" I saw an 80 on sprung over leaf springs one early year at Cruise Moab.
Oct 26, 2005
Farmington, NM
Wouldn't it be easier to stretch the FJ40 body with some more sheet metal than do the frame and drivetrain changes if putting a body on a frame?


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