Anogther 'toy' for the wish list.

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Dec 29, 2006
I could think of a better attachment than the feller buncher .
It would make an awesome soccer mom mobile, imagine showing up at timmie's drive thru with that !
I'll bet they never talk about fuel milage
That thing can't be very fast or comfortable to ride in, come on John, find us a video of it working.

It was designed and made by Plustech as one of their Timberjack Feller Bunchers. I don't think it ever was put into production. My bet is the legs were not very good on soft ground compared to other Feller Bunchers with their big floatation tires.

Timberjack Walking Machine - YouTube
Neat. But I can't see forestry picking up walking feller bunchers instead of refitted tracked excavators. And as a specialty excavator, can't see the 6 legger being better than a spider excavator.
Screw the fridge, we should have this as the grand prize! lol

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