Annual Monthly Meeting

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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
March 4th

So it's at a Sonic but where. I have heard of members wanting to do this up north toward Asheville or Hendersonville or Brevard for our northern folks I'm game for what ever.
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Is the meeting March 4th?
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Down East, Flat-lander, Vinegar and Pepper, Smoked- All- Night, Chopped with a 100 year old clever, Native, Family has lived in Eastern NC since 1620, BAR-B-QUE! And pork ribs, rubbed Memphis style (a concession to Elvis, blessed be his name). Oh yeah, and half a bottle of Wild Turkey for the grill tender.

If you want vegetables, you will need to bring 'um from the Upstate in a covered dish. (This is why I am am on Lipitor.)

Mr. President (Alex), are you ready for some Q? Any more takers other than Horsehead?

-David Davis
'82, '98, '00 TLC
I live about 30 minutes from Lexington... Anytime I can I make my way over to Lexington Bbq on main st. They have the most amazing bbq I've ever had. Well, them and a little ol' place in Denton, kind of near URE... I really hope the rest of the club is kosher (pun intended) with this idea.
Gimme a break Gehn

Originally Posted by VTCruiser
that's a bold statement. i know an SC boy that knows a thing-r-two about bbq....

This coming from a guy from Vermont... :rolleyes: I've had SC bbq enough to know ya'll ain't got what it takes... :flipoff2:
Horsehead said:
This coming from a guy from Vermont... :rolleyes: I've had SC bbq enough to know ya'll ain't got what it takes... :flipoff2:

oh man.......... wait until marshall sees this :grinpimp: he is a little sensitive about his BBQ

Trollhole said:

I'm not going to comment on BBQ as I have no experience.

Thats okay, I WILL. I will not justify the uninformed by rthe remittance of any statement.:flipoff2:

By the way, on a subject that is pertinent to this thread. I believe the fourth is already taken by The Florida Delegation and Gundy.
VTCruiser said:
What i can tell you is that the crap they push at waffle house ain't got jack on VT maple syrup :flipoff2: ;)

Hahahaha... Touche...

With all this bbq talk, I really hope we take Turkeypen up on his offer...
Nooo, not march 4!! I go home for spring break March 3.... pretty please change it to the 18th????

edit: I just realized the 18th is the expidition wheeling trip... so nevermind on that change... ugh.
Whoo hooo, do I hear a upstate BBQ cookoff in the future?
March meeting

Like our Club Chef N.C. boys call the shot on the March
meeting. :grinpimp:
Sonic is a default location going back a few years. Sort of when
all else fails we can go to Sonic type of thing.
Monthly meeting is the first Saturday of each month by default too.
If the N.C. crowd wants BBQ.... so be it. If ya'll want to set the
date different from the 4th......speak quickly and with some alternatives.
I'm game for about anything.
Hard40 is correct about the July meeting being "spoken for" by
our FLA kin and will be at my place. Trollhole is doing us a pig.
He's done one or two before.
BBQ wars....let the pork be pulled!

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