Annoying noise: solved !

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Jul 30, 2009
Throughout the summer I have been annoyed by a strange noise. Coming from the front driver side and could be heard window down. Hard to describe but aomewhat sounded like a stone stuck in the thread of the tire. Low to medium speed and kind of rotating.

this was all the more annoying that over the last 2-3 years I replaced all the bushings in the front suspension.While may be acceptable on lesser vehicle, felt really out of place and annoying on a 100 LC.

further investigation revealed the squeaky noise actually came from the hubcap. One of the fixations was in poor shape and allowed some back / forth movement where the plastic hubcap emitted the noise !
I used a bit of butyl cord I had lying around to add at the tip of the offending tab which now fully locks into place and noise is gone.

just wanted to share as there are a number of fellow OCD owners who like me can’t accept this is a 20 year old car and still expect perfection
Hub caps? 🤨 You mean the single use rock bumpers?

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