Angel Atencio, goldendays91, Diesel Importers(YouTube)

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Are they selling any cars now on Ebay? or anywhere else?

James, I saw the link, wow, It is sad to see people getting ripped off..

Hi Edmond, yes, she is still selling on Ebay. I have reported her to Ebay as well as a few others but Ebay hasn’t removed her. She is constantly changing her account name on EBay. Their website has been taken down so I’m guessing she’s trying to create a new site under a different name. Make sure to do your research and stay away from this evil bitch. This is their YouTube site....
She also uses the name Angel Ace-Atencio and I’ve been seeing Angel Stuart. She is now living in Stuart, Florida. 772-284-2428
I’ve been told she has started another business/website called

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Probably something else she’s going to try to scam people.
Im sure eventually she will meet her maker from screwing the wrong person.

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