anbody have suggestions fo an engine shop in SLC?

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Sep 11, 2003
I need to get the ball rolling on a new engine in my 60. It has already had a V8 conversion done but it needs to be replaced with a new crate. Anybody have any suggestions for ashop in SLC?


Contact Kurt Williams at Cruiser Outfitters. If he's not able to do it, he'll let you know who to take it to. Young guy, but been involved with Cruisers (heavily involved) for over 10 years or so I believe. Knows all the places to (and not to) take your Cruiser too. I'm not sure if he does engine swaps, but maybe. Call him @ (801) 518-3937 or email @

Or you can contact Rich Dawkins at Rich worked for a long time at DJs Traction (R.I.P.) in SLC. He's a well known carb guru. Again, not sure if he could do the swap for ya, but he'll know the good places to take it as well.

These two are very well known in the Utah Cruiser Community. They know their stuff and they aren't out there to steal your hard earned $$$.

Oh ya, be srue to tell 'em The Ferg sent ya!!!!

Thanks Ferg!
Rich has done a fair amount of work on my cruiser at DJ's. I'll give Kurt a try as well. Actually, Darrell was the one who re-did the conversion that the previous owner did and added my NV4500 but I have never met Kurt. I was hoping to get a recomendation from DJ but his site with his e-mail address is dead.
randy in richfield (not slc).
randy's machinery or something like that.
i hear he's about the most trusted engine guy in the state.
Ya, DJ got a job offer he couldn't refuse and now works at a Saturn dealership in SLC somewhere. He sold alot of his stuff off to Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters--though he still has a storage shed somewhere with a whole bunch of stuff. I actually got put in touch with DJ a couple weeks after he closed down and he sold me a part I was in need of... So he's sort of still around. But, ya, Kurt worked quite a bit with Darrell and ended up buying the business form Darrell when Darrell got the chance to work as an underwater welder. I guess that was his dream job. I would be willing to bet that Kurt might even know your 40 pretty good. Good luck.

so does that mean that dj's is closed, or that it's just under different managment (ownership)?
or is cruiser outfitters all thats left?
Ya DJs Traction is closed. When I talked to DJ, he said he was gonna see how things go for a while and then when he gets settled back in and everything goin' smooth, he may end up takin' on some projects... Anyway, Cruiser Outfitters isn't the only place, but I'd check there first for every part I ever need and anything I ever needed done. His prices are awesome for parts and stuff and if he can't do the work himself, he'll hook you up with some one dang good.

Kurt Suggested Rock Logic 4X4 in SLC. I was really bummed when DJ closed in fact I think my OME lift was the last job he did. Kurt said that Rock Logic specializes in Toyotas. Hopefully, they have a fair amount of experience with Cruisers. Since Cruiser Outfitters has turned into a dist. and DJ shutdown, I don't think there are any shops that specailize in cruisers in the valley any more. DJ told me that he was going to keep the website and his e-mail up so that if if he ever decides to start taking jobs anymore people could contact him, but I tried it the other day and the site appears to be dead.

Thanks for the suggestion to contact Kurt, Ferg. I'm hoping to go see them this afternoon and I'll let everybody know what my impressions are. Oh BTW Ferg- I actaully have a 83 60.

Thanks again!

[quote author=Brussell link=board=1;threadid=6118;start=msg49518#msg49518 date=1065799076]
Oh BTW Ferg- I actaully have a 83 60.[/quote]

:slap: :doh:. I read that in your first post. I don't know why my mind changed to thinkin' it was a 40.

Ya, for sure let us know what you think about Rock Logic. I've heard Kurt talk about them quite a bit. Also, I remembered I heard Mount Logan Off Road up here in Logan does some super good work. also heard that they're sometimes kinda pricey. With what I've seen and dealt with there, they seem to be pretty fair. If you went there, you would have to say Mike B sent ya. Anyways, that's probably too far for ya to bring it, but thought I'd mention it.

Another thing you could do is post over on Pirate4x4. There's more Salt Lake area cruiserheads that hang out over there--and they'd tell ya straight.

Good Luck

Oh, and I think it's a requirement to post pics of your rig when you post in this forum--so get to it! Pics! Pics!
The guys at RockLogic seem real nice and stright forward. I didn't get a good look around but I didn't see a cruiser graveyard that you hope to see when you go to a shop. I got the impression that they do more work on mini-trucks but I'd trust them with my cruiser. I also got the impression that they are pretty hardcore rockcrwalers that know there stuff.

Ferg- thanks for all the help and I guess I need to take some pics of my cruiser to post! My sister has my camera right now but I should get it back this week and I'll post some pics!


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