analyze my BJ video

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Feb 19, 2008
Ontario Canada
please delete

thanks everyone , i removed the links as not to give the deal away . lol ill post pictures when i buy her
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Pretty hard to tell about the oil pressure, but cold it may take a few seconds to come up. Then when it does it will be pretty high till it warms up.

The smoke is not un normal for a cold engine. When it idles warm there should be no smoke.

Depending on the pirce, I would do a compression test. That will show if the engine is worn.

Sounds nice. Starts good. Little videos are very hard to tell if it is good or not though.
There are some ontario members on here who might be able to help you look at it. Rig of Mortis is one I can think of off hand. But we have lots of Ont members on here. Even a club in Ottawa.
The oil pressure looks the same as mine when first starting. The smoke looked minimal, compared to mine when I first start up. (Bio-Diesel smokes like a chimney when cold)

So both mine and the cruiser in the vid are screwed up, or both are OK.

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