An 80 will definately spoil you rotten.

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Nov 9, 2005
Oostende Belgium
As you can see in my signature I recently bought an ATV.
Although I was impressed with the vehicle at that time it doesn't compare to an 80.
Or any landcruiser for that matter.

My 80 is full time 4WD and has 3 lockers and has power steering.
If it's raining I'm dry, if it's hot I'm cool, you can atually talk to your wife.
Even take the dog along for a days trail riding.

And then there is that other thing. MUD :p
Not that I don't like the occasional dipping, but where the real pain begins is the gear you need to take care of at the end of the day.
You simply take a decent hose towards the landcruiser and it's nice and clean.
With an ATV the MUD get's everywhere. Really everywhere.
Boots, trousers, jacket, helmet, gloves, goggles, etc..

So the ATV enthousiasm made me discover IH8MUD.
Or the fact that an 80 has spoiled me rotten :grinpimp:
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I went the other way around, an ATV can be unstuck just by lifting up, an ATV is a whole lot harder to break, an ATV is cheaper to fix, an ATV gets better mileage, ATV tires are cheap, and the TLC can tow the ATV anywhere. (my ATV is lighter, faster) The TLC does have advantages to include daily driving and small offroad adventures and offers an ideal comfort level... I love both but each has a purpose.
You can always buy a polaris ranger.
I think there is a few advantages of the 80. But if you get a 4x4 atv there is more advantages.

this is mine it's a 1995 polaris magnum 425cc 4x4. I got it because the autotranny is this the poop and I like push button 4x4. My friend had a honda 4x4 at the time and I couldn't stand driving it cause it was to hard to steer with the full time 4x4.

When I got it new is was the biggest at that time. I would take it to public trails and people would ask me what kind of lift I had on it. It is completly stock. Now a days it's a small one. It's got over 3,000 miles on it and only repair on it is a new chain, rebuilt carb, new front struts.

Old pic
fourwheeler bridge.jpg
fourwheeler bridge.jpg
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welcome from Belgium. When I was over there I don't remember seeing any Land Cruisers at all. Everyone told me it waas because of the fuel consumption of the things. What's the cost of fuel now?

Well fuel consumption. Driving the 80 on a daily basis would just about equate my montly paycheck:crybaby:
For a liter of diesel we pay 1.31 € thats about 2.022 $ per liter.
Mostly my daily driver is a small diesel BMW. These things don't guzzle down diesel, they sipp at your fuel tank.

I'd expect to get about 1500 to 2000 miles in the first year of use from my ATV.
Sure you didn't miss a 0 wes1977??

Don't get me wrong it's a great machine, but I sort of miscalculated all the gear I needed besides the ATV to make it function
as a comfortable offroad vehicle.
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