Amsoil Oil Filter

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Aug 12, 2022
Good to go or beware? I’ve ran just about every amsoil product on my duramax and older Land Rover. I was reading a thread about wix oil filters and how they starve the motor and to stay with Toyota brand. 1fz
For the peace of mind I am more than happy to pay a few extra bucks for the oem filter. I order mine in bulk on fleabay....
Amsoil makes great filters.
If you want all the oil filter and oil information you can stomach check out bob is the oil guy.
The best bang for your buck filter out there based on the media quality and price always seems to be the Fram Ultra (no i'm not talking about the regular orange can here)
You can get it at walmart for $5 or something, my second one to go to from walmart was the motorcraft. Even cheaper and also an great filter. You can now also get yota filters at most walmarts so that would now be my back up unless i'm trying to do really long oil changes. I think the yota is only rated to 7,500 miles as opposed to the 10 on the motorcraft. You can compare the specs of each if you want to.

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