Amsoil grease and other goodies

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Jun 20, 2003
Fort Langley, BC
Well I've got all my parts for doing my front axle service except the grease and diff oil :cheers:

My reading here first told me that Amsoil was what I should be using. I couldn't find it in the stores but a little internet searhign I see that it's sold through a little dealer network (kind of like Mary Kay). :-\

Is this stuff worth the cost? I guess since the labour is so high it's a no brainer to use the best grease money can buy.

DO I use the Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease, NLGI #2?

Any other thoughts? Do I need both the 16oz tubs and the grease gun carts?

Also the only tool I have to pump the diff oil is a suction pump thing that sort of looks like a grease gun. Will this work well enough to get the gear oil from the bottle to the diff? Looks like it might take forever.

If not what do you guys use?

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I have a gear oil pump that fits into the gallon of gear lube I use to use. Parts store should have it.
As for Amsoil, I had a parts house that sells Amsoil check to see if they have wheel bearing gease without moly. They did but it only came in a tube for grease gun. They sell the moly grease in a tub. I didn't want to did into the tube so I went with dino wheel bearing grease. I also used dino moly grease for the birfields as I had it on hand. I don't know if its worth the $$$ for syn grease, maybe next time.
I use amSpoil. I get it from one of our club members who's a dealer and passes along the dealer cost :flipoff2:.

Look at their site. I think last year when I looked, that if you bought $200 or something worth of sheet from them at one time, they'd sign you up as a dealer. 8)

Get a $8 lube pump at the auto parts store for the diff oil - screws right onto the gear oil jugs. Get the Amsoil multipurpose purple in tubs (2 might do it, I got 3 and used a bit). Get Mobil One red synthetic bearing grease in tubes and split them with a knife to pack the wheel bearings (I used 2 for all four wheels). Enjoy.

I guess the purple is the moly #2?

I see lot's of guys use the amsoil for the wheel bearings as well (ie. Christo). I'll try to find the mobil one syn but it's tough finding some of this stuff up here in Canada.
Hey Riley, I can look down here in the states if you want. I am right on the other side of the border off of I-5 (Blaine).

Let me know what you can't find, be more then happy to look around here for ya.

Thanks Scott but no problem. I'm going to order the Amsoil online in a few minutes.

I'll get enough extra just in case I can't find the mobil 1.

I figure that this DIY job is now costing me more than the dealer. ::)

But way more fun and like Dan says "Knowledge is power" :beer:

I just picked up a cartridge of the Amsoil moly and a cartridge and tub of the Amsoil MP grease yesterday and the guy told me that was his last tub of MP grease, and Amsoil was discontinuing those and supposed to release it in a squeeze tube.
I don't think that the Amsoil Moly even contains Molybdenum Disulafied. :D :flipoff2: Penrite Moly 3%, Valvoline Lal Plex M and Atlantic Moly, All contain 3% of Molybdenum Disulafied at 1.5Micron. ;) :)
Ok I gave up dealing with the Amsoil people. Mainly because I found them difficult to deal with (no stores, local rep was a joke ect....). Anyway I found redline moly synth grease at my local auto/race shop. Boy that's expensive (2X the amsoil price). :'(

Question 1 - I hope it matters as to the quality of the grease one uses. any comments?
Is the redline stuff good or will my birfs not really care one way of the other?

Question 2 - I haven't gotten around to getting the gear oil for the diff yet nor the pump tool. Will I need to refill the diff after doing the birfs? My guess is yes but perhaps I won't.

Planning on getting this down this upcoming weekend. :banana:

Regular ol' Toyota grease lasted 90,000 miles. I'm pretty sure I'm not waiting until 180,000 to change it again. I'd rather just use good Kendall or Valvoline bearing grease and do the maintenance ever couple of years. Then I get to inspect everything.
Yes, quality greases matter unless you're not planning to grow old with your 80 as I will. The way I look at it, you're protecting a couple grand worth of parts, so why not spend $75 instead of $25? If repack time comes around again and you're short of time, then it would be less risky to wait until it's more convenient. If one day you're called upon to tow a buddy's 8000lb full size trail rig home and it's a hot day - again no worries. Lots of advantages accrue.

Yes, you'll have to refill the front diff, and yes the $8 hand pump will be used for other things (like that rear diff and center diff that may never have been changed). Get one. I use Mobil 1 Synthetic 75w-90 gear oil.

Jeeze!!! I must be some kind of freak here :eek: ...

You guys are talking about getting a pump for those 1 gallon jugs ???

I buy my 90w gear oil by the 5 gallon bucket and have an industrial strength hand pump with long hose to get it under the trucks :D

Well, I guess I go through more 90w than most, having to service two daily drivers, an FZJ80, an FJ62 and my trail rig, an FJ40 :D I've gone through about 10 gallons in the last year! :eek:

It's all part of being able to say "We own Land Cruisers. All Land Cruisers, only Land Cruisers, all the time." And I don't mind the maintenance. In fact I enjoy it :cheers:

Hello, my name is Jody and I'm a forum hypochondriac.

I feel the need, the need to change out some 90w even though I don't need to :D
I just bought a 20L pail of 80-90. I figured that I'll need it sooner or later as I drain to check the diff for seal leakage.

20L is like 4/5 gals. 20L pail is the same price as 2 4L jugs.

Only problem is that my wife thinks I've lost it.

I now need a industrial pump but having trouble finding one. What did your's cost?
About $30 for the pump at a local auto parts store like NAPA, O'Reilly, AutoZone, etc. It fits on the bucket like a lid and uses thumb screws to keep in place.

Works okay, sometimes if I don't use it in a while I have to prime the pump. No biggie.


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