Amps too high

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Nov 14, 2008
Middle, GA
Anyone out there ever dealt with this scenario?

1 - not started
2 - ignition on only
3 - running at idle

I have no regulator on here. Do I need one? My battery starts to hissssss after a few minutes of running. oh, and my amp tester is a pos. Any quick way of garage testing if I am getting too many amps? Everything looks stock fyi. Sorry for so many is slow. ;)

What happened to your regulator?
Yes you need one, either on the firewall or if someone changed the alt to a non oem may be internal.
What happened to the regulator? HA! this thing had wires running everywhere when I got it....and by wires I mean the kind that come with lamps attached to the other end...Splitshot man I have no idea where the regulator is. My guess is that the original owner has it on his toaster or something. On my 79 it was on the firewall like you said, but this guy is just bare. No regulator anywhere which makes me think like you said about it being internal. How can you tell?.... Not sure if the alt is stock or not. Does anyone have a picture of a stock f alt handy?
Well from your checks with the key it appears you already know how it works right

to the left you are drawing from the battery, to the right you are showing the charging rate and boy are you charging:eek:

The other indication is the battery bubbling

Dont run it like this, get in there and figure out what's up the battery could explode and with the wiring mess you described who knows if there is even a fusible link

I wonder what voltage you are seeing too

Here's mine The old one with the external VR mounted on the left side and the new one with the internal vr mounted as the little square on the altternator, some mount on the back but you could have nearly any alternator on there--post up what you got if you can
Thanks......mmmmmm....Well, based on where it should be from your pictures, nothing is there. I ordered a vr from the parts store yesterday (27700-40010) OEM (ND 9702609-081) SS VR. We will see if I cant get this thing hooked up. Sanpped these off this am...maybe it will help tell you if I am missing something....alt looks stock nipden.?? Will the VR that I ordered work for a 65? Will I have to get creative with the wiring?
That's an OEM alt but my 65 has posts instead of the 3 plug like the one you posted. I would guess no internal VR and yes you need one.

OEM is no longer available for the 65 but there are later available with different connectors. By the sound of your harness I wouldn't be too concerned about changing the connectors, just be sure to do a good job.

EDIT (again... :eek:)...

looks like you can get the Toyota 27700-40010 and the reman: 27700-40010-84

Not sure if this crosses as the correct part for 65 but it should work, and has the right connectors.

Sounds like you're on the right track.


Stock VR on 65:


stock alternator connectors:

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Dom I ordered a 27700-40010 yesterday...we'll see if it works. The guy told me it was a three plug (and after reading about 65's noticed mine was a 3 post) but I figured with some rigging I could get it to work....i mean there are only 3 wires right........well, last time I said that, something blew up. I will post up after the install. Thanks for the help fellas!

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