ammeter melted

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Mar 3, 2010
So I was wondering why there was no needle in the ammeter gauge- and since I was pulling the cluster anyway I took a peak inside. Well there is a needle- its just that a portion of the gauge melted and the needle sank down to where it is no longer visible. So I need a replacement (if anyone has one sitting around) but before I put in a new one I'd like to know that it won't suffer the same fate.

What could cause the meter to melt like this?My first thought was that the gauge may have been shorted when a PO removed it with the battery still connected.... but I have no idea if that may actually cause this to happen.


I melted mine when I accidentally grounded out the hot post on the back of the alternator when I removed my header. That 'disconnect the battery' advice before doing maintenance is pretty good stuff. I was able to repair my guage.
Lack of a fusible link on the chassis power wire at the battery is the likely culprit.
what year 40?
Its an 81 bj44- 24v- should have mentioned that in the original post. Probably not going to be easy to find a replacement.....


I melted my '65's ammeter hooking up the PO's fuse box that was grounded to the chassis. Melted and smoked it. SOR had a used replacement that works, check them out.

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