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Aug 14, 2019
American Overland Expedition is a ripoff and Alex Carvello is a THIEF!

Contacted AOE about a front bumper in November. '19, and Alex said he had just finished a group buy and had one sitting on the shop floor that he could ship immediately. He would only accept payment via Venmo, which should have been a major red flag but I was blinded by the opportunity to get the bumper within a week. Promised delivery date came and no bumper. After numerous attempts to contact him I finally reach him via phone. He said the shipping company had picked up the bumper "a week ago" and he promised to get me the shipping/tracking info - nothing. Try to reach him for several weeks and finally reach him again by phone. He gave me a sob story of having to return to Venezuela to take care of his sick mother and would track down the shipment immediately - nothing. That was the last time I have been able to reach him. I've called many times and left many messages - nothing.

I should have done more research. There are many stories like mine on Yelp. He has been active on this forum in the past but nothing comes up with search. There are numerous rigs on here that have his front bumper and I think it is one of the best looking options. However, the guy is a thief! If I can save just one potential buy from a similar experience by posting this, my job is done.

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