Wanted Amby Doors

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I have some in Tx that need a little work, not perfect, but nothing like the rust you guys would see. Let me know if interested and I'll round up some pics.
do you need the bottom outer corners to be rounded or square?
I'm Interested. I PM'd you with a email address. Hope tp hear from here or there.
As far as the corners go. The tub corners are square, so it would stand to reason square corners on the doors is the answer It's an aluminum tub that was added who knows when. The old doors were cut in half and a tail gate was added. Do you have some?
I have a really clean pair of shells [square corner] that were prepped for paint but the project never was finished. Do you need the glass and hardware as well?
Shells are good. PM me with details please. If you say they are clean then they are. :clap:
Thanx guys, Mark has what I need. Anyone that's shipped into Canada from the states before, what's the cheapest and most reliable. As well how dose the broker work?

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