Amby Door Weather Stripping

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Nov 5, 2006
Can somebody direct me to a web site that has a good example of the weather stripping profile for the rear ambulance doors ?

My old material is too crushed & deformed to get a good idea what it is really supposed to look like. Is the OEM weather stripping in the rear, the same profile all the way around ?

Not necessarily looking for OEM, just some thing that will work well. Something to keep the heat in in the winter & the dust out in the summer.
In this one instance, I found the CooL Cruisers 'standard' to be OK but not exceptional. Front doors OE all the way but for the rears the CCoT will do the job and save you some coin. I have no experience with their 'best' offering. as far as recommending what you need only you can determine how nice/much you are willing to spend.

Hope this helps.

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