Ambulance door handle question

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Sep 27, 2008
Portland, OR
So I'm a little confused.

My ambulance door handle on my 78' 40 was shot so I first asked my local parts guy if it was still available. He said nope discontinued.

I figured he doesn't know what he's talking about and I give CDan a call. CDan says the same thing. CRAP.

I see that $OR still has the OEM "rear door regulator" listed as available on their website on page 136. I give them a call and say I want to buy an OEM ambulance door handle. They say no problem might take a bit. I'm thinking at this point that they are going to give me a call back and say that it is no longer available. Well guess what. It showed up in the mail yesterday!!!!

My question this handle OEM? How could it be that CDan can't get his hands on an original ambulance door handle but $OR can?????

Can anyone explain this to me and tell me if I actually was shipped an OEM handle or an aftermarket one???:cheers:
SOR has many parts that are OEM. I believe they must have stockpiled them years ago. I would bet your handle is the real deal.

I always check with CDan first, but sometimes SOR is the only option.
AHHHH good news!! I needed some since my 80 was totaled 2 weeks ago and I'm still fighting insurance companies.

I wouldn't think that SOR would be dumb enough to sell non-OEM stuff under the OEM label but hey who can you really trust these days??

The handle didn't come in a Toyota box but did come in the standard toyota bubble wrap with a parts number sticker on it. No Toyota logo anywhere however.

Another thing that threw me was that the first 5 part numbers or so match up with the part number that my local parts guy gave me but the numbers after the dash didn't match up and weren't even close.

Thanks for the reply. Does anyone else want to throw their 2 cents in?:cheers:
From my experience, Marv Specter is a straight shooter. I have purchased and received many OEM parts from them, some by chance, and some by request. They just sent me some new OEM rear motor mounts that were out of stock when I placed the order. Kay Specter called me, and offered to substitute after market mounts. I said that I would be willing to wait since I prefer OEM, and she responded by saying" so does her husband." Some of the OEM stuff has been re packaged, or the Toyota P/N was covered up by the SOR label. The OE stuff is not always labeled OE in their price lists, but when I get some stuff it turns out to be factory parts:clap:.

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