Ambi doors, front bib, front heater in N.AL (1 Viewer)

Mar 27, 2007
Huntsville, AL
I have a set of ambi doors that are in pretty good shape very little rust, good glass. You can see in the pics that one door has a dent in it. How about $100obo plus shipping? (Could probably do greyhound) I also have a front heater from a '77 40 that looks to be in working order. Its a little dirty. $35 plus shipping. Front bib that I think is from an earlier model truck. Someone rattle canned it od green and its peeling off, a little bit of rust but nothing bad. $45 plus shipping. (you can have the headlights or not but shipping would be cheaper without) Also, I have a radiator support from a '77 40 little surface rust that can be easily blasted off, $25 plus shipping.
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