For Sale Amarillo, TX: 2007, Lexus, LX470

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  1. LX470
2007 LX 470 - Cypress Pearl - 137,xxx miles - $31,000 - Located in Amarillo, TX

For your consideration is a 2007 LX 470. I believe I am the 3rd owner of the vehicle, and bought it with around 121,000 miles a little over 3 years ago. It is a Texas truck (Dallas originally and now Amarillo), and has no known rust on the frame / undercarriage. It has BFG KO2s that were put on it by the previous owner, and I believe to have around 20k miles on them. I also purchased a matching spare shortly after buying it, so all 5 tires match. The front headrests have working DVD systems in them with matching seat covers.

The following are upgrades and maintenance I have done since I owned it:

  1. Dissent Offroad Front Bumper with Bull Bar, and integrated blinkers / spot lamps. (Powder Coated EVO Gray from Prismatic, and the bull bar and other components black).
  2. White Knuckle Offroad Sliders with the stronger DOM Steel (Powder Coated EVO Gray from Prismatic)
  3. Bowfin Cruiser Roof Rack (Sides EVO Gray, Cross Bars and front shield black). Still have the factory roof rack that will go with the sale.
  4. Owl Expedition Puddle Lights/Mounts and Cassette Player tab (to mount RAM mount to).
  5. BT45 Toy Bluetooth Adapter
  6. Rear mud flap delete plates (original mud flaps were not kept)
  7. Interior LED lights throughout and reverse lights.
  8. Weathertech front and middle seat floor mats.
  9. Mechanical Items Since Owned (outside of routine oil, and tire rotation)
    1. Front Lower Ball Joints
    2. Power Steering Pump (Factory OEM)
    3. Alternator (Factory OEM Remanufactured)
    4. Heater Ts
    5. New Optima Redtop Battery within the last 3 months
    6. Had Toyota Dealership adjust the front torsion bars to get front AHC in spec, with the new front bumper, roof rack, and sliders installed.
    7. Rear brake pads replaced within last 3 months

The AHC system functions as it should, will cycle through low, neutral, and high. The timing belt and water pump were done at 87,000 miles as per the previous owner. There was a sticker that I confirmed, but it has came off since I bought it.

I don’t want to hide any defects, so the following list is probably a little overboard on disclosure but I would rather be open about the flaws then try to conceal them.

  1. One of the previous owners looks to have closed the upper hatch on a pole or item sticking out of the rear. There is a slight outwards dent on the left side of the hatch lip (see pictures). Where this happened there is about ½ inch of surface rust.
  2. One of the previous owners looks to have backed into something, and on the right side of the hatch, there is a 2-3 inch dent (see pictures). I planned on putting a rear bumper on so never had fixed. There is no paint peeling or paint scuffed off so may be able to be repaired with paint-less dent remover process.
  3. The drivers leather does not have any tears, but it shows age from usage, does not look perfect. All other leather looks to be in mint to good condition.
  4. The steering wheel leather is discolored, but has not torn or flaked off.
  5. The tire pressure monitor sensors are not working, and I check my tire pressure regularly so I did not mess with replacing. The dash light is blinking because of this.
  6. There are a few rock chips on the hood and front facia from normal road use as well as light surface scratches from normal use.
  7. The windshield has a crack that runs up about 4 inches from the driver side bottom, and then makes a jog to the right and goes back down. It does not come up into the field of view, and knowing how hard it is to find someone to replace the windshield correctly, I choose to drive it as is, because the upper windshield / roof area has no rust or wind noise.
  8. Passenger side power mirror does not adjust. I believe the motor needs to be repaired/replaced (it does still fold in and out automatically with the button inside, just can’t operate positioning with the inside switch).

Again I don’t want to scare anyone off with this list, but wanted to disclose them.

I have daily driven this LX for a little over 3 years, as well as taken lightly offroad in the New Mexico mountains and around the Texas Panhandle on ranches and it performed flawlessly. I towed a RV once for about 250 miles but it only weighed 4500 lbs. It was able to self level in the rear and never dropped to low on the trip, the only negative was 8-9 mpg for the trip.

Please let me know if you would like any other pictures or information. I appreciate everyone’s time in advance.

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LX 2
LX 3
LX 4
LX 5
LX 7
LX 8
LX 10
LX 18
LX 19
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Aug 13, 2015
Amarillo, TX
No I just wanted to reserve the spot to post some more pictures. Hope to take a good array of undercarriage pictures so everyone can see the condition of the frame and underside of the lx.


Oct 23, 2019
Can you send me vin no to verify maintenance history? 479-616-2979

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