Am I ok to drive with this broken breather tube?

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Mar 25, 2019
While checking my plugs tightness last night I noticed some type of epoxy in my air box assembly. Whoever had removed it before had broken off the large breather hose that goes into the head and used some type of epoxy, that has since cracked, to re seal it. I'm sure this part is insanely expensive. What would you guys do to fix the busted hose barb?

That is a lot of material.

I also found mine broken when removing for a TB change. I cleaned up the area with some sandpaper then did a better job with epoxy to stick it back on.

You can go the epoxy route, getting a new one obviously, or I think I have seen someone tap a brass fitting into the hole as well.
dust will suck into the engine combustion area and oil chamber. fix it soon. Use jb weld and attach the broken part back on. drill small holes and run a small metal wire to keep broken parts together and then jb weld it.
thanks for the advice, I didn't think about tapping a brass fitting that's a good idea. I may just go the jb weld route though.
You could also tap a new plastic fitting in place.

I have a tap set for metal, would that work or just probably split it apart worse?
I just fix one of these today.

What happen, was a Toyota Dealership glued (epoxy) on the PCV hose nipple to the air box after breaking it during servicing. Nipple fell off when I pulled the PCV hoses during inspection & cleaning of engine bay. Since it had glue (epoxy) all over it, I could not use my glue on the uneven epoxy surface now. So I order a used air box from from salvage yard, $170 to my door. As I went out to the shop to work today. I was looking at what I could use to drill & tap in a new fitting, just to fix as a spare. I found that the block on DS has a water hose nipple threaded into the block. The nipple is the perfect size of the PCV hose. Now I just need to tap the air box and add some glue to seal and hold the steel threads into the plastic air box.

While messing around in the shop, I dropped the broken air box PCV nipple. The epoxy the Toyota dealership shop used to glue it, broke off as it hit the concert floor. So I chip away at the epoxy on air box and nipple, and much to my surprise it all came off. This left me a good clean surface for glue to adhere too. After chemically cleaning all parts, I glued on the nipple. At this point it is rock solid and holding vacuum. LT FT improved in BK 2 from 13-17% down to 7-13%, as added benefit to my glue job. So it must have been leaking (vacuum leak) air all along.

This stuff has seem to work very well, on all plastic I've tried it on. I've been using on the fastener of fan shroud that break so often. It seem good, but we'll see if it stand the test of time. Cost me ~$20 for the glue. They say it's powder is strong and last long than baking soda and supper glue (google it).

wow, thanks for that man. I'm gonna give that a try

....what is LT and FT?
Buy a junkyard air box. Or block off the hole in the air box, and put a breather filter on a piece of hose, attach to the head where that hose went. It's just the crankcase vent hose.
If you are attaching a new tube, make sure no loose parts stay inside the tube. If you use a nut or bolt inside the tube and if it comes loose, it will go into the piston.

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