Am I crazy? Where is the oil dip stick?

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May 23, 2010
Near Charlottesville, VA
I feel really dumb even asking this question, but I am buying an 86 fj60 and went to check the dip stick to see the condition of the oil because the fj has been sitting for 7 years and I looked for 20 min and could not find the dip stick. I have never seen a vehicle that didnt have an oil dipstick. I did remove the oil fill cap and saw no signs of water which is what I what I was looking for. I did notice a lot of play in the valve arm? so I am sure a valve adjustment will be high on the priorty list once I get it running. Anyways, is there a dipstick, if so where the heck is it?
with dizzy removed...

You werent the only one who couldnt find the dipstick first shot. My friend and I, 2 people, took about 15 minutes combined to find it
I painted mine a high temp rattle can yellow (as it had the remnants of yellow paint on it when I bought the rig)...can't miss it now...
Very funny , Myself Also been there

This is not a pimp your engine pic. It's a shameless attempt at humor.


My 3b is also goofy. So was the 2F.
Now not to be totally DUH !!
2010 , ahh let me start again , DUH , 2008 / 9 had no transmissin dipstick, and 2010 has no engine oil dipstick .. Years I have posted.
Models , well thats a wide open, FoMoCo is one, with breeds.

sealed also to get into checking areas.

been there done that. :)

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