Am I crazy.... AA vortec

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Oct 28, 2002
Is this a good deal on the engine?? Im thinking about getting one of AA vortecs to put in my DD. What else do you need to actually get the engine running, exhaust, adapters, and starter?
My opinion is that the AA crate Vortec is overpriced. With patience and some work you can find low mileage salvage yard Vortecs for closer to $3000. A new crate engine clearly has some advantages, but a salvage yard unit with, say less than 10k miles can save you some $$
I think the AA Vortec is strong choice if you have a larger budget. Does it include a wire harness for your application?
I found a '97 5.3 with 28k miles for $1800.00 and after buying every thing else it was cheaper. You'll be buying everything that makes it all work from AA anyway. Devo
I'd pass on the AA vortec. You can get much cheaper from a low mileage truck in a junk yard. I know a guy that sells a complete vortec 350 with the wiring harness modifed so you just have to hook up only 5 wires for 1600. He is located in NW Arkansas. Email me and I'll send you the info.

I found a '97 5.3 with 28k miles for $1800.00

If it is a '97 it is either a 4.3 or a 5.7. The 5.3 L Vortecs were not introduced until 2000.
It comes with stand alone computer, so the only wires are the 6...two of which are for electric fans. I went to like all the yards today, and not one had a vortec. ??? all of them in th e general area......about 40 miles
got my vortec for 3k at a junkyard, they even pulled it and had it shipped to the guy who did the conversion. this included a steering column, harness and whatever else I asked for (cats, computer, etc.). 11k miles on a 99 engine. I was very careful in looking for a vehicle that had been rolled and not had a head on collison. The guy who was in the donor vehicle did a slow roll, nonetheless totalled it but no front end damage. I also asked them to start the engine and check compression in front of me to make sure all was good.

I picked up my 1997 5.7L Vortec for $2200 from a local junk yard that specializes in later model American vehicles. The engine is from a 4x4 Tahoe with 28K miles on it. I got an absolutely complete engine for that price. ::)

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