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Nov 20, 2002
I recently swapped out an F for a 2F (In a 1970 FJ40). I have everything back together except for two things that I cannot seem to figure out. I cannot get the clutch slave cylinder figured out. It hooks on the drivers side rear motor mount, but I cannot remember the correct way to put all of the parts in the correct order (see picture). I have not been able to find a photo in my Haynes manual or Toyota factory manual that shows the whole set up. I specifically need to see how it hooks to the motor mount and the column shift linkage. Also, in thanks for all the free advice I've received on this site, I'll donate ten bucks to the web support fund in your name, if you are the first to direct me to a photo or answer to my problem. Thanks in advance.
Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
The bolt-like thing mounts from the rear into the forwardmost (left in your picture) slave bolt hole from the rear.  Screw end toward you in the picture.  Your V-shaped bracket for the column linkage will attach from behind.  The two-holed bracket goes one end down between the forward hole of the slave cylinder and the forward mount hole.  The three holed bracket mounts with two of its holes in front of the slave with the third hole up, where it is one end for the spring to the clutch fork (into which the slave pushrod end fits.)

The slave cylinder picture on this page helps with visualizing the brackets:

The column linkage picture here helps with the bolt thing.  It is "X" on this page:

Hope that's useful.

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