Aluminum Radiator Electric fan in a 60 ?

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Dec 8, 2002
Tucson Az
Has anyone had success running the Man-a-fre aluminum radiator with the black magic electric fan setup. I'm running this but my 60 seems to but running warmer then it did stock. Not cooling down very fast once the temp gets up in the 200's. The top end is all new along with the water pump, thermastat, temp senser. Man a Fre told me it is running fine over the phone the temp is running at about 3/4 to 2/3 and before it never budged from half way. It's driving me crazy and considering I just spent 4000.00 on the motor and I can't take my eye off the temp gauge to enjoy it. If your just running the radiator with the fan clutch please let me know. This is my second thought but I was told the clutch may not pull enough air through the two row radiator.

Thaks for the help Brian
I had a similar problem in my '67 Mustang once I had it rebuilt. &nbsp:Did you replace the radiator at the same time you rebuilt the engine? If so, that is probably the reason for the higher operating temp, not the radiator. My Mustang would never go above 1/3 on the temp gauge until the engine was rebuilt. After that, it would hit 2/3 sometimes. All new internals are a lot tighter than older worn out stuff. This causes a huge increase in friction.

What I did was install an electric fan from a Ford Taurus in place of the belt driven fan. It helps a lot. Also, a 2 row radiator does sound a little small :dunno:

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