May 17, 2003
Im stuck, lol. Im trying to figure out how much bigger alternator im goin to need, or if i need one. I plan on doing up to 8 lights, 1 warn 8000lbs. winch, and a new radio with speakers. I was wondering if i need a bigger alternator and if I am goin to need one, how much bigger should i get. I am also thinking about gettin a more heavyduty/bigger battery also. Thanks
Jul 30, 2003
Those gel batteries (like optima) are supposed to be really good but heavy. Especially with a winch.


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Oct 1, 2003
I am running a 160 amp alt, and two optima red top bat, an 8274-50 Warn winch, and MANY IPF lights(five sets of aux. lights, and one really nice set of 90-145 IPF headlamp replacements) on my Land Cruiser. I was using a GM alt set up for 175 amp output, and switched to the one supplied with the Premier power welder when I installed that in the spring of '01. I also have a stereo and CB, everything seems to work fine.

Was anyone at BHCC in '01? :D
Jun 13, 2003
You can figure it out. Basic theory is amps going out/capicity of the batt and amps going in from the alt. Easy rule of thumb is if it is all on @ full how many amps are you sending out? Your alt should be around that but remember, how often will it all be on at the same time? I would go with dual batts; one sealed red top and one sealed blue top (deep cycle) The deep cucle is for the winch, lights accessories etc... Get an isolator between the 2 then get a higher output alternator. Does not need to be amazingly hi output but around 100 amp should be fine.
Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
I'm installing a Mean Green 200 amp alt this week in my fj60, it has dual Orbital deep cycles(in bling bling stainless trays) Wrangler selnoid and battery manager, stock alt on a 60 or latter 40 is only 55 amp. I'll post my thought on the Mean Green after I have it in.

my 82fj40 will get a Mean Green as well(if I like the one on the fj60) it's running dual Odysesy 1200's in the stock tray(slightly modified but in stock location) it also has Wrangler selnoid and batt manager.

Fj80 has been running dual Optima's for years, using the stock 80amp alt and Wrangler stuff. I have not been impressed with the yellow tops, so now it has one red top and one yellow top, the YT dies(and I'm sure it will) I will replace with Orbital or Odyessy

IMOP if you have a winch you need a dual batt set up at least, maybe a hi-po alt. My only Cruiser with a winch without dual batts is the fj45 it has HUGE Optima YT, 1200 amps.

The rest all have Red Top, Orbital or Toyota batts.

Poser, arn't those IPF H-4 E codes great? I have 4 sets of them and they are very very nice, better lens and pattern then the Hella. I run 80/100 in 2 rigs and 55/60's in the others. Also run upgraded harness. Hardly ever need to run my aux lights.

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