Alternator wirings please help

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Apr 13, 2008
Hope someone would help me on this.
The car is a LC70 BJ71 with a 24 volt 13B-T engine, it has an original 40 amp alternator with external voltage regulator.

I converted it to a 70 ampere 24 volt alternator with internal voltage regulator already.

This new alternator has 4 wires
1. B- this should be the battery post with knot
2. IG - line to ignition switch
3. S- sensor charging ( dont know where it should be connected)

4. L- line to charging lamp

The old alternator external voltage regulator has 6-wires.

Please teach me how to connect these 4-wires of the new alternator to the line of the old external voltage regulator line, because the line of the old alternator came from this 6-wires plug of EVR.
70 amps ain't enough u need over 100.

I thought 70 amp of a 24v alternator is equivqlent of 140 amp of 12v alternator. Just read this in other thread, this could be wrong, i dont know.

Anyway anybody could help me wiring all those wires?
i have installed the alternator already and its working properly.

i connect the Alternator output line directly to the battery positive terminal instead of connecting it to starter solenoid. I noticed that the battery positive terminal goes to the starter.

Is this connection ok?

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