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Oct 28, 2004
San Diego
What is the 80's alternator reserve current capacity. Just installed an amplifier. and wondering if the alternator has enough juice when the volume is cranked up.

I know max current capacity for the stock amp is about 80 amps. With the head lights on and everything going what's left in terms of current?
Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
The alternator out put is actually stated at higher RPM's, output is much less than 80 amp when at idle,

Since you want to know if it is "enough" another approach is to actually test it, to go about it is to turn everything on you want and measure the voltage at the battery at different RPM's if it is above 14V then the alternator is keeping up at that RPM.

If the alternator can keep up at your normal cruising RPM you should be fine, just don’t idle for extended periods with the system on.

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