Alternator Replacement steps...from this weekend (1 Viewer)

May 11, 2016
Syracuse, UT
1. Get alternator and new alternator plug. Part# 90980-11349 if 98-02
2. Disconnect battery(s)
3.remove air filter box lid, unplug MAF sensor, unclamp plastic intake tube from airbox and intake; get lid and other intake plastic out of the way
4. Remove front skid plate
5. Use 14mm ratchet counterclockwise on tensioner pulley and remove belt from alternator and out of the way
6. Drain Radiator and remove overflow tank
7. Remove hose from thermostat housing to radiator bottom pax side
8. Remove 3 bolts on power steering pump through pulley(just gets pump a little out of the way.
9. Remove 2 bolts holding alternator
10. Remove nut and ground wire
11. Remove alternator plug...carefully.(if old plug disintegrates and wires get jumbled, message me for wiring order)
12. Replace with new plug and new alternator
13. Reassemble in reverse
14. Start and check gauges and warning lights

This was one by myself and my wife/co-mechanic(I'm aware of my good fortune...probably undeserved) If I remember correctly you only need a 10,12,14mm for everything. God Bless Toyota. For a German or English vehicle you'd need $100k in tools and computer/scanner

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