Alternator replacement help!

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Jan 19, 2009
Tulsa, OK
Hello, longtime reader, first time poster. I have a 79 fj40 that I added CCOT air conditioning and Howell fuel injection. My old oem alternator has to go. I have tried DUI Mr. Amp and it does not fit with my ac alterations. Does anyone know of a higher output and internal regulated alternator that will fit in this slot? 80 amp would be great, buy not apposed to higher. One wire would be even better! Please help. Thanks.
Without specific knowlege of CCOT air conditioning or Howell FI and how they modify the engine landscape, it would not be possible to make a specific recommendation. All I could say is to try alternators that are physically smaller than the stock one. Start in the junkyard and look for alternators that have the same size and general mounting points as the OEM.
Thanks, Pin Head. Do you think an alternator shop can reman my oem one and give me more volts and amps? Also, put in an internal voltage regulator?

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