Alternator Recommendation for my 2002 Land Cruiser

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May 23, 2019
Lawrenceville GA
Hello guys, I am a new user here. I just purchased a 2002 Land Cruiser and it needs an alternator. It has high miles (300K). I did a little search and found out that Denso is preferred than other brands. Its hard for me to find Denso at Advance, Napa or Autozone.

Is any one using Autozone alternators with lifetime warranty?

Any recommendation would be great. Thanks in advance.

Here is a picture of my Land Cruiser :)

If your alternator is okay but outputs low voltage you might be able to get by with replacing the brushes in the alternator. The OEM brush kit is like $20.
Just replaced my 2000 LC alternator 2 weeks ago. 264k later and I pulled the original and replaced it with a reman Denso from local dealership. Thanks to a thread on here I pulled mine out the bottom with out removing anything other than 1 other pulley. Easy job.

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