Alternator not putting out - 4x4 TOYOTA land cruiser HDJ 80 TBE

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Jan 19, 2015
W. Africa
Alternator not putting out - 4x4 TOYOTA land cruiser HDJ 80 TBE

I have a 4x4 TOYOTA land cruiser HDJ 80 TBE. The batteries were not being recharged, and the alternator seemed to not be putting out enough voltage. The batteries test good. I changed the alternator with a new one and I have the same problem. Anyone know what else could be the problem? How do I properly test the field?
Check the fusible link for the alternator. Its resistance may be too high due to corrosion. It is hard to believe that a new alternator would be bad, but you would need to remove it and have it tested. Since it is internally regulated, you cant easily test it in place.
I have exactly same problem I thought my Alternator is bad, new Battery, but found out the Fusible Link was corroded, I ordered 2 from Cdan replaced it , and chee-ching problem solve.:cheers:
Thanks. I purchased another alternator and it was dead out of the box. After bench testing both I found that my first alternator ended up being ok...bizarre huh? My problem ended up being batteries that were underrated. I changed them out and no more issues!
Oui, c'est bizzare.

That means you probably have a bad fusible link, because they cause bizzare problems, like sometimes they are bad and then they are OK. They are about E15 and take about 30 minutes to replace.
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