For Sale Alternator 24 volt 85 Amp 1HZ LandCruiser / Coaster 1PZ, 1HD-T

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Aug 30, 2013
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United States
I purchased a 1988 24 volt BJ75 Troop Carrier in 2013. Unfortunately there was significant hidden rust and I had to scrap the vehicle. I then sourced a newer 2002 12 volt HZJ78 Troop Carrier in Germany last year. I have taken the best from both vehicles and have many good parts available for sale.

I had wanted a heavier duty alternator in the original vehicle so I purchased a 24 volt 85 amp alternator, Toyota part number 27060-17131, Denso part number 101211-6091.

To fit the 1HZ motor I purchased a mounting bracket, Toyota part number 12511-17020 and a pair of V-belts, Toyota part number 90916-02331. I also had an adjustable bracket and plate to clock the thermostat housing a few degrees to clear the larger alternator designed and laser cut. The alternator itself cost CD$1444 but I will accept US$500 for all the above.

Unfortunately, before I got to have the alternator installed I had to scrap the vehicle so the unit remains unused and in 'as new' condition.

I understand that the alternator will also fit the Toyota Coaster, 1PZ and 1HD-T motors.

The vehicle is a camper and I have the item with me. I am currently in New England and plan to be in Canada in 3/4 weeks so it may then be easier to send items to Canada. Also I may be able to deliver the item if you are on my route. Otherwise I can mail it from any post office.

There are more pictures on eBay number 291782807439.

Please email if you are interested or have any questions. I am on the road so I apologise if there is a delay in replying to any questions.

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