alternator 12V 6 pin bridge connections

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Jul 21, 2015
whyalla sth. australia
Hi I need some help with an Alternator swap external VR to Internal VR, the vehicle is an aussie hj60 with external VR. I have searched the web and read many posts but I am not sure of my 6 pin bridge.This image is from Rudi post to GLTHfj60 query in 9/2014, it shows the exact layout that mine has at the moment. My new alt is internal VR from a hilux 2L or 3L it has the mounts at 6 oclock and 1 oclock as per NQcruiser post 21/9/2011 but no id numbers or sticker.
The 3 pin plug on the new alt fits exactly into the existing original plug with no mod required, I assume that the new alt plug is standard wiring so S- one side L on top and IG the other side, this would make the diagram below S-F E-L and IG-N, when I plug this into the existing plug I get continuity to pins F,E & N on the six pin as per the digram below makes sense..
Now with power connected only to the B main terminal of the alt and ignition in off position i get 12V at terminal B only of the 6 pin and with the ignition on I get 12V to B, L, IG of the 6 pin. From this I would think that to use the existing wiring loom and 6 pin plug I woul buy a six pin socket and would bridge N to IG E to L F to B as per this digram then plug it all in and it should work. My worry is all the other posts I have seen on only show four pins of the six bridged and in different configurations.
Can someone please enlighten me here, this is my third day and I hate electrics.

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