Alternative to Snow Chains

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if I had to choose I would pick #8 Michelin and a bigger company for R&D. I'm not a fan of the ones that go through the spoke. the straps could potentially get hung up on the calipers and they don't address sidewall deflection if aired down.
40" plus Iroks work well instead of chains
I just checked out a few of the alternatives (didn't watch the whole video for all 10), but I think for the type of wheeling we do in the snow (or wish we could do this year), I think I would still vote for traditional chains. They will generally be more rugged, good for multiple seasons, and should be able to keep you moving in all but the deepest snow.

You could always try one of these alternatives and see how they do, but then when you're ready for some real chains, you can go to They have good options there, and reasonable prices and shipping, at least the last time I ordered.
Thanks for bringing this up, Larry
I'm not sold on the new technologies, but everything I own is old enough to drink so the application may not be within intended parameters.
I do need new chains, though. The Rudd knock offs I got at Les Shwabs in Washington are showing their age.
Evan I'll check out

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