Alternative to Fix a Flat?

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Jun 23, 2005
Reno, NV
Just wondering if the Co2 cylinders used for paint ball could fill a standard car tire. I've ridden with a guy who uses a 10# tank to air-up/down. Works great and I plan to set one up for my 40.

The thing is we usually use my wifes car for long road trips. In Nevada that can mean getting a long way from anywhere, including cell service and AAA. I have always carried a can of Fix a Flat, never needed it but it's there. (I understand what F-a-F does to a tire, but it beats cooking in the desert.)

Anyway, would a 20 oz paint ball tank fill a car tire?
just an FYI - many places will not mess with a tire that has had fix-a-flat used in it as the stuff is a friggin mess and gets all over the machines, them, etc. it can be a gooey mess.

that being said, I am also interested to see if a 20 oz paint ball tank fill a car tire.
My wife had a can of fix a flat blowup in her car, not fun to clean up! She dosen't keep that in the car anymore!:mad: It's been replaced by a small compressor, there cheap and work well.

WOn't fill the tire up, but it does a good job of sealing leaks.

The tire chagers won't change fix a flat because it's explosive.

and it makes a giant mess too.

I gotta think a paint ball canister will fill a tire. They sell those little CO2 canisters about the size of a whip-it to fill tires. It takes a couple-few IIRC.
As I mentioned I am aware of what F-A-F does to a tire.

As far as spares go, I'm really more interested in being able to top up a leaky tire and make it to the next town. For that matter having the option of airing down to get unstuck would be nice. (Sometimes I take the :princess: car places I shouldn't.:eek:)

I did a little more research after I posted this topic. It looks like a BB gun type Co2 cylinder is enough to air up a motorcycle tire. The Michelens on :princess: Marquis don't hold a heck of a lot more volume than that. Think I'll check out the classified and the local Paint ball place this weekend if I get a chance.
You need 2 CO2 cylinders to fill up a motorcycle tire (dirtbike). also, keep in mind that you only fill them up to about 15psi. To get a small auto tire up to normal pressures (30 or so psi?) it would probably take a bunch of those. Granted, even 6-10 of the CO2 cartridges wouldn't take up much space. You'd still have the problem of dealing with why it went flat in the first place, so you'd still need to use something like fix-a-flat or slime to seal the leak.

Run flat tires???
Get yourself a Safety Seal Tire Repair Kit along with your CO2. I fixed my mother-in-law's flat tire pretty quickly. You can find it cheaper on Ebay or the Internet then what EE sells it for:
you can even buy it cheaper direct from the manufacturer

NOTE: these kits come in various styles. for cars, trucks, ATV, 4x4 truck, big rigs, etc. so make sure to get the correct kit.

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