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Dec 7, 2019
North Carolina, USA
Due to the recent cyber attack we face a hopefully temporary fuel outage/shortage. While I won't need to resort to alternate fuels I realize that it's something I need to know more about.

2 of my main vehicles are diesel. One my old school mechanical IDI BJ73. The other a modern BMW X5 35d. I am aware that old school mechanical diesels will burn a wide variety of burnable oils. I ran a cummins 4BT for months on a mix of 80% waste vegetable oil and 20% gasoline. I've heard of people burning their used motor oil by mixing it with fuel. I know about alot of experiments. I'm looking for some educated/official advice

I once owned a VW rabbit diesel. In the manual it specified that if diesel fuel was not available you could run a mix of kerosene and gasoline............Has the landcruiser diesel ever had any such recomendations in the manual? I do not have a manual for my 89' BJ73 , but looked through a manual for 92' models and I don't see any recommendations for alternate fuels.

From research I gather my old mechanical diesel will burn kerosene, JP8, or Jet A but should add some lubricating oil to the fuel to help the IP (2 cycle premix at 200:1?) I also know that home heating has the same burning characteristics as diesel minus lower sulfur/dye/taxes legality.

Anyone have any actual toyota manual information on alternative fuels for a B series diesel?

hj 60

Aug 1, 2012
Netherlands Hengevelde
I think part of the nato spec (like 24 volt) is alternative fuel.


F-54 is a military fuel used in compression ignition engines in NATO Europe areas outside Denmark, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. Also known as Diesel Fuel: MILITARY or DF-2. It has a Pour Point specification of 18 oC maximum. F-65 low temperature diesel/kerosene fuel blend. F-75 is a military fuel used in compression ignition engines in Denmark and Greece. It is normally referred to as FUEL NAVAL DISTILLATE, low pour point. (See Naval fuels).

NOTE: For further details about these fuels, see Annex C to STANAG 1135.
Feb 3, 2019
I have a friend who ran his 1kz and runs his 1hd-t on biodiesel made mostly from used cooking oil. He swears by it, but he has had some.... odd.... fuelling issues/pump issues over the years with it. It is cheaper than buying pump diesel without a doubt, but not sure it is for me.

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