Alright....who's got the sweet 100 on ebay....shame on you, only drove it 3000 miles?

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Yes. Those are the 20" Tundra wheels. I think they look good but not functional.

wow....are those 20" wheels?
That has to be a Mudder. I really wish I had the money for that one. What do you guys think it will go for?
That thing is sick. Will be interesting to see what it goes for. The wheels and tires would have to go asap. I sent a mail to the seller asking about the rear view camera being relocated and if he still had the 3rd row seats.

The spare tire is different than the others.

Will 16 inch rims fit on an 04?
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i wonder it those wheels keep turning when it is stopped.
Sounds like a road trip to look would be the thing to do.
This is killing me! That is a sweet 100 and appears ready to roll!
Those wheels look godawful. I'd imagine he bought it, kitted it out and realized that he couldn't lift it high enough to get through the local mud holes.

Still looks like a great deal.
Wheels are easy to change. Gears and lockers... not as easy.
Don't worry fellas, just buy it and I will swap you rims and tires - I like the look of this rig and my 2000 is jealous.

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