Alright, where can I find Metric Brake line t's???

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Feb 17, 2002
Las Vegas
Doing the brakes on my 60. I have adapters to go with -4an stainless on the rear 1/4 eliptical. but I need to find a Metric inverted flare T (splitter from the flexiable line to the wheel cylinders)

I cannot find one for the life of me. VW stuff is metric but bubble flare fittings instead of inverted flare..

This is getting frustrating!!!!

Also, who has a PN for the flexiable hoses that go directly from the hard lines to the caliper bypassing the dust shield???
I have a few spare ones here:doh:
Yes this is a good one as I couldn't find a metric T block for my brake project at any local parts vendor including NAPA, Advance, Auto Zone (auto crap), Car Quest and various other places iincluding a hydaulic hose company. It was frustrating as hell. I'll be checking back here for the results posted. GL Mace
Monkeys behind the counter around here are absolutely dense..
Monkeys behind the counter around here are absolutely dense..

They are all the same the world over, infact I think they are clones:eek:
ok mace one i called has metric brake line in your area i did not get into real details on size or anything
3274 civic center dr.
north vegas
702 649 4266:beer: hope thos helpsoh i dont know about stainless
That for the T's?

Or the flex lines?
How dare you bother them!!!
Why not make one end 3/16 and be done with it?

Too easy? ;)
Did I just have another thought?
I guess not.....
Oh wait....

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