Alot of misc parts, toyota/chevy in WI

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Feb 26, 2002
United States
Deralle engine oil cooler for Chevy. New in box From summit.
Will not fit my app. $75
B&M 2500 Stall Converter for T350 $100
Edelbrock Perfromer 600 CFM Carb - $150
Coarse Spline birfs $15per I have 5 total Will sell all for $50
1985 FJ-60 front and rear axles, complete - $300
1974 fj-40 rear axle, complete - $100
1986 Toyota Mini Rear axle, complete - $200
Radiator from 1985 fj-60 - $50
Radiator from 1993 Toyota T100 , was 3.0 - $50
Tranny/Transfer case from 1983 FJ-60 - $250
3 speed tranny from fj-40 cruiser with topshift plate/shifter
(will seperate shifter if tranny is unwanted) - $50
22r engine complete, good runner - $200
Weber Carb for 22r, w adapter and K&N (not the 38 mm)-$150
AC Pump off 22r/re engine - $50
Ac hoses from 22re and toyota truck - $35
High Perf alum intake for Pontiac 400 engine - $75
Serpintine belt setup for 350 chevy with TPI - $100

38"gumbo tires on 15/12" steel rims - $300
33"mt tires on 15x10" steel rims - $300
35"mt tires on 15x10" alum rims - $300

Project 1983 toyota fj-60, blue/grey int. Complete minus the Engine. Comes with 4 extra Doors extra hatch. Clean title $500

As always, buyer pays shipping. Email me at Thanks
I don't think the 350 will cool well with the 3.0L radiator. Especially since i have abandoned the plan to go with a mild build. Funny how that always seems to work that way. :D
I am still looking for a IFS steering box for a T-100 if you happen to have one around.

Mildly interested in the 38s too. Got pics?
I want pics or at least the condition of the 35's with the aluminum rims. where are you located? I will take them if they are decent. thanks

Yeap, I agree that the 3.0 rad, would not work well. :D

I have a huge rad, 4 core at least that might work for it. I will take a pic of it and a pic of the 38's.


I will take pics of the 35's. They are about 35% on the fronts and 75% on the rears.

All parts are in central WI> Thanks

BTT make offer on any of it

FJ-60 is cross posted in the vehicles for sale. $400
I'm gonna do a aluminum rad from That's where I got the one for the 40 and it's a great deal.

Still pretty interested in those 38s. I've got a buddy coming up your way just after christmas who can pick 'em up for me.

Shoot me a PM with a brand name and how much tread is left.

take a picture of the 33's i will be willing to buy them i am located in evergreen colorado

I sent ya and email

Merc. The tires are gone. Sorry.

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