Aloha from Las Vegas! 77 FJ40 Project

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Dec 9, 2012
The bug has bitten me again! I just bought a 77 FJ40 that was someone else’s project and never finished.

My first 40 was an early 65, corrugated hardtop model with all the vintage features. Drum brakes, 3 on the tree, vacuum shift and a PTO winch. I had a great time and learned a lot in the process. It took me over eight years from start to finish. Unfortunately, at the end of the project I had a rig that was too nice to take out and not that much fun to drive. Sold it on BaT to a Lexus dealer in Ft. Lauderdale who says it’s going in his museum.

This build will be quite different from that one. Because the early 40s are so rare to find unmolested, I felt obligated to preserve/restore the originality wherever possible. This one will be done just for me to enjoy. I plan to take it to the local cars & coffee events, donut runs, tote the dogs around and the occasional trail run/light wheeling.

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